Hilarious Video Shows Grumpy M'sian Boy Trying To Run Away From Home While Holding A Tent

The kid's menacing side-eye is just the icing on the cake.

Cover image via Siakap Keli Press/Facebook

A half a minute-long video posted on Facebook has gone viral. It shows a little boy grumpily walking along the road with a backpack on his shoulders and a small foldable tent tucked beneath his arm.

While the caption posted along with the video reads: "This reminded me of my childhood... I used to throw a fit like this too... Last time, I would carry biscuits around in my bag... hahahahaa"

In the video, which appears to have been recorded by a family member, a guy follows the boy on a motorcycle, calling out to the boy a few times.

Eh, where are you going? Bang, where are you going? Come, get on the motorbike.

However, the boy refuses to listen and continues on his way while giving the guy on the motorcycle quite a menacing side-eye:

You can watch the video here:

Posted by Siakap Keli Press on Friday, 23 August 2019

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