[VIDEO] Netizens Are Amused By This Runaway Husky's Hilarious Expression After Being Found

He's not thrilled at all.

Cover image via Setia Alam Lang 市達安南人 (Facebook)

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A playful husky was less than thrilled to be found after running away from its owner in Setia Alam, Selangor

The runaway husky's adventure was shared by Facebook user Barbara Koo, who found him wandering alone on a busy street last Friday, 1 March.

"I found this husky wandering alone by the Shell station in Setia Alam. But he's safe with me now! I hope the owner sees this quickly. Please contact me," she posted in a Setia Alam Facebook community group along with a photo of the lost dog.

Thankfully, in less than an hour, Koo received a call from a woman who lost her dog

"She told me that her husky had run away after she brought him for grooming. She had placed him in her car and turned around, and the next thing she knew, he had jumped out of the car and ran away," Koo told SAYS.

Koo added that she could confirm the woman was indeed the dog's owner, as the husky, named Jay, still smelled of shampoo when she found him.

However, in what was supposed to be a happy reunion, the husky did not seem very pleased

"Update! We've found his owner!" Koo had written in a comment under the original Facebook post, accompanied by a photo of an unimpressed-looking Jay.

The Facebook post garnered over 15,000 likes, with hundreds of netizens laughing at the dog's hilarious expression

"Before: Finally got away from her! After: She found me again," wrote a Facebook user, who made a meme out of the dog's photos.

Image via Facebook

"This was definitely the dog's expression," commented another user.

Image via Facebook

A netizen pretending to be the dog commented, "Auntie, do you know it wasn't easy at all for me to run away? Now I'm caught again."

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, another Facebook user who knew Jay and his owner thanked Koo for rescuing him

"He's definitely a very playful dog. I can't believe he could smile so sweetly even after getting lost," she wrote.

Koo replied, "No worries! We fed him bread after we brought him home, and he sat like a good boy and even gave us his hand to shake. He's too cute!"

Image via Facebook

Watch Jay being a good boy while under Koo's care here:

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