Oyen Gets Its Head Stuck In A Wall & Is Saved By The Civil Defence Force

It looks so defeated.

Cover image via APM Kota Kinabalu (Facebook)

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A ginger cat found itself in a pickle after it stuck its head into a hole in an apartment building's wall

It was rescued by officers from the Civil Defence Force (APM) after they received an emergency call from a homeowner in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

The person reported that a cat was trapped in the wall of their home.

According to the APM's Facebook post, here is the sight that met their eyes:

To rescue the silly cat, the officers wore protective suits and used a power saw and other rescue tools to cut through the wall

The cat seemed not at all embarrassed when it was successfully freed

Amused netizens thanked the APM officers for saving the curious feline, and also laughed at the orange cat's "typical behaviour"

"Oyens are really so naughty, hahaha. The oyen must've said, 'Thank you, APM brothers for saving me'," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

"Oyens must always find themselves in some kind of trouble, right? I wonder what was it doing to get stuck in there," said a Twitter user.

Image via Twitter

Another laughed at the cat's expression of defeat while it was stuck in the hole.

Image via Twitter

While another said, "It looks so pitiful, but this is too funny."

Image via Twitter

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