Funny Cat Grabs Food From Under Door Like He's Been "Locked Up In Prison" For Years

Just black cat things.

Cover image via (TikTok)

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Cats do the darnedest things sometimes and this little black fellow is no exception

A TikTok posted by Heaven Jirak has been going viral after she showed how her cat gets food from her.

In the video, Heaven is seen putting a plate of cat food on the floor in front of a door.

Before she can even let go of the plate, a black paw slides under the door and quickly grabs the plate from the other side in less than a second.

The video has the Internet in stitches, with many likening the cat's antics to that of a prisoner locked away in confinement

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

After one person pointed out that she could imagine the "jailbird" just waiting patiently on the other end for his food, Heaven shared a video of the cat's point-of-view.

Image via TikTok

He indeed waits patiently and immediately snatches the plate from her as soon he hears it coming.

Watch his POV below:

Replying to @Side of Sunny impatiently waiting

original sound - Heaven Jirak

Heaven revealed that her cat's name is Bill and he is one of her four cats at home

Speaking to SAYS, she said she got Bill when he was just nine weeks old as a wedding gift from her husband. Bill will turn one next month.

She explained that Bill is "fed like a solitary inmate" because he won't let her other cats eat, and he sometimes smacks the bowl out of her hands.

So far, this method seems to be effective, as she mentioned that she has tried slow feeders in the past, but Bill would just bite the plastic out of anger. "He's just a little piggy and steals food," she added.

Here's a close-up of Bill:

Bill also often behaves like the 'ultimate youngest child' by instigating conflicts with the other cats, then crying out for help when faced with consequences, she said, providing a video as proof.

You can watch it below:

bill is the ultimate youngest child, starts shit then screams for help when there are consequences.

original sound - Heaven Jirak

As naughty as Bill is though, he does have some tricks up his paw

When she pretends to hold Bill at 'gunpoint' with her fingers and 'shoots', Bill can flop over as if he has just been shot.

She refers to the trick shot as Kill Bill

Watch the video of how she feeds him below:

this is the easiest way to feed our fouth and craziest cat

original sound - Heaven Jirak

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