Cat Survives Smashing Into Car Window After 6-Storey Fall Without Breaking Any Bones

The cat's name is Shifu, like Master Shifu from 'Kung Fu Panda'.

Cover image via Apiwat Toyothaka (Facebook)

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An 8.5kg cat in Bangkok, Thailand has made headlines everywhere after he recently fell from a six-storey high building and smashed into a car's rearview window

The cat named Shifu, like Master Shifu from the Kung Fu Panda films, survived the fall without a scratch on his body or a broken bone.

The car owner, Apiwat Toyothaka, shared a Facebook post on 27 May, explaining that he was surprised to discover that a cat had smashed into his car at 7am.

He revealed that the cat had fallen from the sixth floor and crashed into his rearview window, creating a giant hole with shattered pieces everywhere.

Despite the mess, Apiwat said that he couldn't be angry after noticing how scared the cat looked

According to Thai media outlet The Nation, he found the cat hiding under his car after jumping out of it through the big hole it created.

Security camera footage revealed that Shifu had hung briefly from a balcony on the sixth floor of Apiwat's condominium before losing its grip and falling.

The cat then hit the third floor balcony before smashing into Apiwat's car.

Apiwat revealed that fortunately, X-ray scans of the cat showed no broken bones, except for two lost claws.

In an update yesterday, 29 May, Apiwat shared that Shifu can eat and excrete like normal. And he doesn't have any bruises or swelling.

Apiwat also explained that although he has a cat of his own, Shifu actually belongs to another resident in his condominium.

The Nation reported that the cat's owner has been fined THB1,000 (RM132) for damages and has promised to move Shifu to her relative's home.

According to the report, the cat's owner claimed that Shifu ran out to the balcony when she opened the door, and had slipped and fell.

We're just glad you're okay, Shifu!

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