IKEA Malaysia And Singapore Sell 'Alamak' Bags After Accidentally Printing Typo On Them

1,500th reason why I love IKEA.

Cover image via IKEA & Alicia Cho (Facebook)

Mistakes happen. Sometimes they really shouldn't. But they do. What sets you apart is how you handle a mistake.

IKEA recently made a boo-boo.

Their KLAMBY reusable bags were printed with a website typo.

Facebook user Alicia Cho spotted them at the store in Singapore and posted a photo on Friday, 15 January. 

Instead of, the bags are missing the letter 'm'.

In case you missed it:

And apparently, the same typo was made on the bags selling at Malaysia's outlets too:

Image via IKEA

Instead of tossing them all out, defeating the purpose of saving the environment, the company owned up to the mistake and decided to sell the bags for a cheap price

Image via IKEA

The sign at the store wrote, "KLAMBY. Limited Unique Alamak. At IKEA, it's ok to make a mistake. We printed the wrong website address on the KLAMBY re-usable bag but because it's re-usable, we won't scrap them. They're limited edition and they won't be back!" 

Flawed or not, the bags still had their own photoshoot for the website just like any other regular bag

Image via IKEA
Image via IKEA

It's unclear if it's truly a mistake or just a marketing tactic. Either way, well played, IKEA.

Each bag is priced at RM4.90.

The furniture company has had a knack for finding the good in every situation:

True to its mission, IKEA has been swapping to eco-friendly alternatives over the years: