IKEA's Getting Rid Of Its Popular Yellow Batteries. But Don't Be Sad, It's For The Best

Every household probably has at least one pair. <3

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IKEA's alkaline batteries 'ALKALISK' are being phased out and will be completely removed from shelves by October 2021

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You've probably seen or used them for almost everything electronic around the house like toys, clocks, and torchlights.

Priced at RM5.90 or RM6.90 for a pack of 10, the batteries seemed to have always had a good reputation for being a budget-friendly option among other popular brands.

Although it's hard saying goodbye, the new move is actually for a good reason

True to its mission on sustainability, IKEA encourages customers to switch to rechargeable solutions instead such as their LADDA batteries.

According to the company's press statement, using rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries like their LADDA range emits lower greenhouse gas than alkaline batteries after 10 charges.

In other words, it reduces waste and has less impact on the environment overall.

LADDA batteries can be charged up to 500 times. So it can actually work out cheaper in the long run.

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Last year, IKEA sold about 300 million alkaline batteries globally. And customers from Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand bought about 3.4 million packs of non-rechargeable ALKALISK batteries.

That's about 5,000 tonnes of waste a year!

Should everyone switch to rechargeable options, we will probably be able to reduce global waste significantly.

To reduce plastic usage, these local stores allow you to refill detergents and other household cleaning agents:

Small changes can go a long way. Here are other daily items to switch to for a better eco-friendly lifestyle:

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