IKEA Has Savage Response To Balenciaga's Towel Skirt That's Selling For RM4,000

Drip drip fashion.

Cover image via Balenciaga/Vogue & @ikeauk (Instagram)

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Balenciaga has done it again with its newest release β€” the Towel Skirt.

Who needs dry humour when you can have wet chic?

Made for both women and men, the luxury fashion brand recently unveiled the knee-length skirt from its spring 2024 collection.

Of course, it costs a mere USD925 (RM4,000).

You might think, "Oh, it's probably made from some fancy material, eh?"


Image via Balenciaga

It's said to be made of towel material (100% cotton), but unlike your dad or uncle's 'towel skirts' at home, this comes with two buttons, an adjustable belt with a hidden buckle, and the Balenciaga logo embroidered tone-on-tone on the front.

Unsurprisingly, several people have been taking jabs at the skirt, saying that it will make you look like "you just hopped out of the shower".

"Now you can dry off AND turn heads with your questionable fashion choices for only USD925!" one X user commented.

Following the release of the Towel Skirt, IKEA UK has now offered a promotion that's even better

"Introducing the new VINARN Towel Skirt. A 2024 Spring fashion essential," reads a caption on IKEA's latest ad.

Selling for a mere GBP16 (RM93), the VINARN Towel Skirt is a total steal and dupe for the luxury brand's item.

As anticipated, people have chimed in with their own witty replies

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Who knew you could turn your post-shower attire into a runway sensation?

Balenciaga did, apparently. Now, the only question is: spa day or high fashion show?

This isn't the first time IKEA has commented on a Balenciaga design:

At this point, everyone is wondering if Balenciaga is just a social experiment:

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