"He's Late For A Meeting" — Japanese Man Scales Mount Kinabalu In A 3-Piece Suit

The man also had on his formal leather shoes for the journey.

Cover image via Nobutaka Sada (Facebook)

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When hiking or climbing a mountain, one can't forget crucial attire needed for the trip: From thermal jackets, to gloves and even sports shoes.

But have you ever thought of a three-piece suit?

Japanese tailor and clothing enthusiast Nobutaka Sada has taken his business ventures to new heights — literally, when he scaled Mount Kinabalu while wearing a three-piece business suit and brown leather shoes

A moment of his journey was captured by one TikToker, @yokujr. 

In the clip, Sada can be seen standing on the side of Mount Kinabalu, enjoying the breathtaking views of the peak. The clip has since gone viral, with many people astonished by Sada's ability to climb to the summit in his formal clothes. Check out the moment below:

Sada also wrote about his experience on Facebook, and how beautiful the surroundings were once he reached the peak of Mount Kinabalu

"I was able to stay in a hut in the middle of the starlight, climb up a steep area, and enjoy the light at the top of the mountain!" he stated in the post.

Beyond that, Sada added that his suit kept him warm and toasty in the tropical humidity and rain, all in time for him to attend his "business meeting" at the peak of the mountain.

Sada also mentioned that he was approached by a man at the Kota Kinabalu Airport, who shared another TikTok of the seamster that had also been going viral online. 

Continuing on, Sada attached photos of himself in the post at the peak of Mount Kinabalu. Sitting on the side of the peak while taking in the view, he also got an immaculate shot of the sun setting.

Sada at the peak of Mount Kinabalu.

Image via Nobutaka Sada (Facebook)

Sada sitting at the side of Mount Kinabalu.

Image via Nobutaka Sada (Facebook)

While many were amazed at Sada's journey to the peak of Mount Kinabalu while wearing a three-piece suit, this isn't the first time the seamster visited a rather peculiar location in this attire

Alongside the pictures, Sada also stated in the caption of the post that he will be uploading his experience to his YouTube channel, which is specifically dedicated to marketing his suits by visiting unusual locations.

After doing a deep dive into his channel, we discovered that Sada had recorded moments of himself in his suits at multiple locations throughout Japan, including while snorkeling in the Genkai Sea, climbing Mount Shirouma, and running a marathon in Tokyo.

Some of the many videos on Sada's YouTube channel.

Image via オーダースーツでやってみたチャンネル (YouTube)

And while the suit maker has achieved an impeccable feat by climbing the tallest mountain in Malaysia, it's likely that this won't be the last time we see Sada visit a rather unique location while wearing his three-piece suits.

Check out the other viral TikToks of Sada while climbing to the peak of Mount Kinabalu below:

Making history this past September, this 90-year-old man became the oldest Malaysian to ever scale Mount Kinabalu:

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