'Mesti Ngam, Gerenti Suka!' Jinnyboy's Wife Leaks Video Of The YouTuber In Their Bathroom

Dressed in a light grey t-shirt and dark grey shorts, Jinnyboy can be seen singing and dancing in the bathroom.

Cover image via @michellekoibito (Instagram)

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On 7 March, Michelle Ng, wife of popular homegrown talent Jinnyboy, posted a video of her husband on her personal Instagram account

The funny short clip of Jinnyboy caught in the act of working on a new project in the bathroom then quickly went viral on social media.

Watch it below:

Captioned 'My husband at "work", until I can't use the bathroom ;P', the video starts off with the camera being taken through a walk-in closet, soon arriving at a glass door

The whole time Michelle is walking through the closet to the glass door, a muffled male voice can be heard singing. When the glass door opens, a bathroom is revealed, with none other than Jinnyboy inside!

Dressed in a light grey t-shirt and dark grey shorts, Jinnyboy can be seen hilariously hard at work on a new project

Holding a pink bottle of shower gel as a makeshift microphone in one hand, and using a razor to gesture at the mirror with his other hand, he exuberantly sings his heart out and dances along.

The video ends when he finally realizes that he's being filmed, cutting off abruptly just as Jinnyboy turns back in shock.

Jinnyboy himself reposted his wife's hilarious video on his Insta story, accompanied with a smiling sweat drop emoji

Hmmm, we wonder what project Jinnyboy is working on... Perhaps there's a hint in the lyrics he's singing throughout the video?

He sings, "7-day money back guarantee... So steady, so lit, you sure say 'FWAH!' 7-day money back guarantee, 7-day money back guarantee..."

Eagle-eyed netizens managed to identify the pink shower gel Jinnyboy is holding as a Watsons Brand Product, so there's a big chance that the project is for them.

Image via

And yup, sure enough, Watsons does indeed have a Money Back Guarantee campaign going on, with Jinnyboy as one of the ambassadors

Image via Watsons

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