Klang Man Puts Tombstone In Massive Pothole Forcing Authorities To Fix It ASAP

"I wonder, why does a complaint from the public take weeks, if not months, to settle?"

Cover image via Brotherhood Shah Alam/Facebook

Photos of a man putting a Muslim tombstone inside a massive pothole has been making its rounds on social media

On Monday, 15 June, Ikatan Silaturrahim Brotherhood Shah Alam Facebook group posted a series of photos showing a man making a 'grave' out of an enormous pothole in Klang.

The caption read, "You want to say we're stupid for putting a headstone inside a pothole? It's even stupider when you don't care about complaints that have been made and you don't respond at all or take action."

The post was directed to the Klang Municipal Council (MPK). They further explained that the tombstone was a symbol for the lives of road users who are at risk due to the dangerous pothole.

After the images went viral, authorities showed up to fix the gigantic pothole in less than 12 hours

A video was posted on the Brotherhood Shah Alam page, showing that the pothole has been completely covered in tar.

"Congratulations to the Brotherhood Pulau Indah 29 team for successfully making the authorities show up in less than 12 hours. Sadly, the results look like cow dung," the caption read.

"I wonder, why does a complaint from the public take weeks, if not months, to settle? Digest that," they added.

Ikatan Silaturrahim Brotherhood is actually a group of road safety activists known for fixing potholes using their own funds.

Their mission is to save the lives of motorists in Malaysia.

According to ABC News, the group is led by Malaysian actor Azlan Sani Zawawi, also known as Lando, who has been repairing potholes by himself since 2007.

Lando said that several of his friends died in road accidents because of poor quality roads. He created Ikatan Silaturrahim Brotherhood to pressure the government into taking action as people's lives are at stake.

Image via Perak Today

The group has been actively fixing potholes around Malaysia using their own money while educating the public on actions they can take against the government if they are involved in road accidents due to damaged roads.

They also stressed that they are not volunteers or welfare workers. On their Facebook page, they wrote, "We are outlaws and we have no rules. We will attack everyone if it involves the lives of motorists and road users."

Meanwhile, this uncle in Johor received praise from netizens for fixing potholes in a neighbourhood:

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