Old Uncle In Johor Spotted Cycling Around With A Small 'Baldi' So He Could Fix Potholes

According to several netizens, this is not the first time he has done this.

Cover image via Persatuan Bangsa Johor/Facebook

Photos of an old 'uncle' in Taman Pelangi, Johor cycling around with a small pail to fix potholes has netizens commending him

The photos were shared on the Persatuan Bangsa Johor Facebook page on Wednesday, 26 June.

"Just now I was riding my motorcycle along Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi. I saw a man squatting in the middle road," the post, written by a "Mohd Faizal", said.

Upon closer inspection, Mohd Faizal realised that the senior citizen was filling up the potholes along the road

"I have no idea where he managed to collect the leftover tar in his pail that he brings around," he wrote, ending the post with a prayer that the man will be blessed for his good deed.

While some netizens praised the uncle for his good work...

"It's gentlemen like him that should be awarded Datukship and deserve recognition," one netizen wrote. 

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"If I was the YB of this area, I would immediately resign because this is embarrassing. This man is the best for doing this not only for himself but for the community," another netizen wrote.

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... Others shared that he was well-known and loved in the area for his actions

One netizen shared that the man always joins worshippers at Masjid Jamek At-Taqwa in Taman Pelangi for "moreh" during Ramandhan.

"The whole congregation is familiar with him," they shared.

Image via Facebook

Another netizen shared that the uncle has been devoted to filling potholes in the area for years.

Image via Facebook

"This uncle has served the community. When there is heavy rain and the traffic lights are out, he will become a traffic warden and help give direction to the vehicles. He doesn't care if he is drenched," another netizen said, adding that the uncle even has great memory.

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We salute you for your service, uncle!

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Tadi masa aku jln naik moto melalui Jalan Kuning Taman Pelangi JB,, aku ternampak orang cangkong tengah jalan.. Bila aku...

Posted by Persatuan Bangsa Johor on Wednesday, 26 June 2019

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