Starbucks Malaysia Is Selling A Limited Edition Thermos At RM888

There are only 20 units available in Malaysia.

Cover image via Starbucks Hong Kong

If you happen to have RM888 lying around and are a die-hard fan of Starbucks, here's something to treat yourself to.

This is the 2018 Holiday Starbucks Thermos:

If you're wondering why this cute-but-deadly Thermos costs at least a year's worth of water bills, that's because its body is embellished in legit Swarovski crystals

Here's a close up photo of the Thermos.

Image via Carousell @yuhshiun85

That, plus the fact that it is also a real Thermos-branded stainless steel, vacuum-sealed tumbler.

You're also probably wondering how the heck would you use something like this.

Well, it seems the 500ml tumbler isn't meant to be used.

Photos posted up by users show that the Thermos comes with a card that says it is a "Collector Art Piece Thermos Bottle".

So, feel free to use it as a centrepiece in your living room for bragging rights.

Oh, and there are only 20 units available in the whole of Malaysia

Unlike the usual merchandise, you'll have to drop Starbucks Malaysia a Facebook message to make the purchase. 

However, you can choose which Starbucks outlet you'd like to pick it up from!

To those who covet this wintry Thermos, I wish thee happy hunting!

Image via GIPHY

Did you know that the first Starbucks outlet staffed by deaf baristas is in Malaysia? It even paved way for the US to open one!

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