3-Year-Old In China Accidentally Orders 100 Bowls Of Noodles Using Her Dad's Phone

She said she was hungry.

Cover image via YouTube

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Recently, a three-year-old girl in Jilin, China gave her father the shock of his life after she accidentally ordered 100 bowls of noodles

She was supposed to order one bowl of zha jiang mian, which is noodles with soybean paste. But turns out, she accidentally pressed the 'zero' button twice while using her father's phone.

In a video recorded by the father and uploaded on YouTube on 17 June, it is seen that the three-year-old's unintentional mistake has led to a delivery man arriving with 100 bowls of noodles.

It takes him more than half a dozen rounds to send the order to the man's flat located on the 30th floor.

Image via Sohu
Image via Sohu

In the video, the father is heard telling the three-year-old that he thought she ordered one bowl, to which the girl replies, "I don't know"

Hearing his daughter's sheepish answer, the father then questions her again.

"You don't know? (The deliveryman) is sending this for seven and eight rounds," he is heard telling his daughter, who is seen handing the deliveryman a water bottle.

Once the deliveryman has left, she tells her father, "Let's eat, dad"

The father, who appears to be going out prior to the delivery, replies, "You eat by yourself. I got to go."

As the poor man continues to express his bewilderment over the massive order placed by his daughter, she tells him that she had already told him that she was hungry.

"Didn't I tell you I was hungry?"

The father then tells the daughter that they were fortunate she did not press the 'zero' four times, as had she done that, their house wouldn't have enough space to fit all the noodles.

Image via Sohu

According to a Chinese news portal, the father initially thought that his daughter's noodle orders were some sort of online prize

Even the deliveryman couldn't believe the number of bowls he had to deliver.

"What are you doing? Why are there so many noodles?" he had asked while delivering.

The father only realised what his daughter had done once he checked his phone, reported the portal, adding that the order cost him a total of RMB1,350 (RM867).

The three-year-old, however, appeared unfazed. When asked by her father how many bowls of the noodles can she eat, she quickly responded while grinning, "One bowl."

"One bowl, but you ordered 100 bowls of zha jiang mian. Who is going to eat the remaining?" asked the father in a reprimanding tone.

"Dad and mum," came the prompt reply from her.

"You quickly go and find your dad and mum then. How many dads and mums you need to finish all this food?" he is heard telling her, as the camera pans to two elderly people attempting to finish the noodles.

In the end, the family manages to finish eight bowls out of 100

The rest were distributed to cleaning workers in the area.

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