Resident Sends Warning Note To Neighbour For Loud Pounding Of Pestle & Mortar At Midnight

But... the note was sent to the wrong house.

Cover image via Kasma Loha-unchit via Thai Food and Travel & Batrisyia Nasri via OHBULAN! (Facebook)

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Nobody likes a loud neighbour, let alone being constantly disturbed by the sound of... pounding a pestle and mortar in the middle of the night

A resident, who was no longer able to withstand the constant thuds coming from their upstairs neighbour, decided to write them a warning note

"Asking for your cooperation, please don't use pestle and mortar late at night. Please respect other people's sleep time. If it happens again, it will be recorded and a complaint will be made to the management," read the note pasted on the neighbour's door.

The photo of the note was initially shared by netizen Batrisyia Nasri in 2019, but has recently resurfaced and gone viral on Facebook, with over 3,100 likes.

Thousands of netizens made fun of the scenario, with some giving tips on how to reduce the noise caused by using a pestle and mortar, while others asked how long the pounding sounds lasted

"For those who mash pepper and turmeric next time, cover it with a cloth," advised a Facebook user.

"Were they pounding for an hour? If it is just five or six minutes, I think it should be alright," said another person.

One cheeky netizen added, "It's not a pestle and mortar. Maybe the legs of the bed frame are not balanced, that's why they make sounds."

"I used to hear noises like that. Chairs being pulled noiselessly, pestle and mortar banging, and the sound of marbles and pennies past midnight at 12am-3am. After a while, I think I was used to it," wrote a person, suggesting that it could be a spiritual entity that made those noises.

Image via Facebook

Speaking to SAYS, Batrisyia said she received the note from a neighbour downstairs, but it was not her who made the noises

She said the incident happened four years ago when she was staying in a building in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur.

"I didn't write that note. It was pasted in front of my house, but I never made the sound of the pestle and mortar from my house. We rarely cooked at home and we didn't even have that at home. In fact, my housemate and I heard the same noise from the house upstairs," she clarified.

"Actually, the scarier thing is when another note reprimanded us for the sound of moving furniture at night. We didn't have that much furniture to be moved around in the first place. Ever since then, I was sure that the noises were not made by a human," she added.

Batrisyia said she was shocked that even the neighbour below her could hear the same noises that had been bothering her.

She said she was not upset by the notes, but just hoped the neighbour knew it was not her who made the noises, which usually started at 11pm and lasted until past midnight.

Batrisyia told SAYS this is the first note she received from her downstairs neighbour.

Image via Batrisyia Nasri (Facebook)

Batrisyia shared a clip of the noises she heard when she was living in the building with SAYS, which you can hear in the video below:

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