[VIDEO] Little Boy Cycling Alone At Night Spooks Residents Of Sabah Town

One of the men in the video shouted, "If you're human, please stop!" but the boy did not respond.

Cover image via My Sabah (Facebook)

A group of men from a small town in Putatan, Sabah were spooked to the core when they found a little boy cycling alone in the middle of a deserted road one night

In a series of videos uploaded by Facebook page My Sabah, one of the men can be heard giving directions to his friends in a car to the junction where he first saw the strange sight but did not dare approach the boy alone.

"Do you think this is paranormal?" one of his friends asked, to which he unconvincingly replied, "I swear it was a little boy. I swear. I'm not lying."

In the next video, when they indeed found the boy cycling alone, without a parent or guardian in sight, they all stayed in the car

The man who first found the boy rolled down the window and shouted desperately at the child, "If you're human, please stop!"

However, the videos show that the boy strangely did not respond and continued to cycle - without even turning his head back to acknowledge him.

Although initially afraid of the 'ghost', the men stopped joking and got down to keep an eye on the child, while the rest quickly reported the situation to the police station

Penampang district police chief DSP Mohd Haris Ibrahim told New Straits Times that Putatan police station did receive a report from a group of residents of a boy wandering alone at 3am last Wednesday, 30 December.

"My men, who were on duty, rushed to the scene immediately upon receiving the information and indeed found the boy there. The boy was brought back to the police station," he said.

As they arrived at the police station, Haris said the boy's worried mother also turned up

The police chief said the mother had also just realised that her son was missing from their family home and she had gone to the station to ask the police for help.

The mother also explained to the police that her four-year-old son has autism.

The videos, now viral on Facebook with nearly 4,000 shares, have netizens laughing and thanking the men for making sure the child got home safe

"You guys are good people, lucky you went back to check on the boy. If not, it's possible that he would have been kidnapped. But it's funny how you told the story, your friends didn't believe you. Thankfully, the boy is safe. You guys are great," said a Facebook user.

Another commented, "'If you're human, please stop!' I've replayed this five times already and I'm still laughing. You guys are the best for helping the little boy."

While others were scared by the videos too.

"[My heart] went 'dup dap dup dap', scared that when the boy turns his head, he wouldn't have a human face," said a netizen.

Watch the viral video here:

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