Delivery Rider Treats Boy To Pizza After He Paid With A Bag Of Coins That Wasn't Enough

Not all heroes wear capes, some deliver pizzas. <3

Cover image via @idealuzair (Twitter) & Buenosia Carol/Pexels

A kind delivery rider went viral for treating a desperate customer to pizza after the boy tried to pay less for his order with a bag of coins

Twitter user @idealuzair took to social media to share the story after his friend Faiz Rosman, a foodpanda delivery rider, first messaged him in disbelief to complain about a customer.

Faiz said he had received an order that cost RM28.50 for a pizza, but when he turned up at the address with the delivery, a young boy came out and paid him the amount with a bag full of loose change.

Not having enough time to count the coins because he had another order to deliver, Faiz accepted the payment and drove off

However, he did tell the boy that he would come back later if he found that the amount he paid was not enough.

Sure enough, stopping at a Petronas station later to exchange the money into bills, Faiz found that he had only received RM18 from the boy.

Faiz quickly went on WhatsApp to ask his customer about the missing money

"Does your father know that you ordered this?" Faiz asked, and warned the boy not to play games with him when he refused to admit anything in the first place.

The boy said his father didn't know about the order. He also didn't give up his father's phone number when Faiz asked for it.

However, when Faiz threatened to report the boy to the police, the young customer finally conceded and begged him not to do it, saying that he was scared that his father would scold him for ordering online, but he was really craving for a slice of pizza.

The boy finally volunteered his father's phone number, ready to face the consequences, and also said he would pay Faiz RM15 if he drove back to collect it - the missing RM10 as well as a RM5 extra for the hassle he was sorry he caused.

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In a turn of events, Faiz took pity on the boy and accepted the apology but declined the money

"That RM15 you can spend it later. I allow you to eat the food. I'll get my blessing elsewhere," Faiz wrote to the boy.

"Enjoy your meal and don't cheat anyone else in the future, okay?" he also advised.

Glad to be off the hook, the boy replied that he was absolutely sorry "from the top of my head to the tip of my toes", then finally asked Faiz for permission to go offline because it was late and he wanted to sleep.

The tweet garnered nearly 24,000 likes and 18,000 retweets, with many netizens commenting how touched they were by Faiz's decision to forgive the 'scammer'

Many also laughed at how polite the little boy actually was.

"How old is the kid? He was a really sweet scammer, I can't believe he asked 'Can I go offline please, I would like to sleep'," laughed a Twitter user.

Other netizens didn't know whether to laugh or cry with the boy's honest replies, with this netizen crying after reading how sorry the boy was.

Meanwhile, other netizens guessed the boy must have been really desperate for pizza, with a netizen asking, "He must have used all his piggy bank money for this, right?"

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