[VIDEO] Lucky Humans Catch Rare Sighting Of Over 100 Dolphins In Semporna

How their hearts must have leaped for joy!

Cover image via @joestarzz (TikTok)

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To spot a dolphin is considered rare in Malaysia, so imagine spotting 100 of them swimming in our waters!

This very rare opportunity was witnessed by eight lucky individuals, including the videographer, who were out at sea on what seemed to be a scuba diving excursion.

According to New Straits Times, the exciting encounter with these magnificent creatures happened at around 2pm yesterday, 6 September, which was captured by underwater videographer Abdul Razak Ismail off Sipadan Island in Semporna, Sabah. 

Watch the TikTok he posted of the dolphin sighting below:


Mau panggil peliharaan saya keras kepala tidak mau dengar suruh masuk kandang tudak mau, mau kena marah2 kali

original sound - Underwater Illusion - Underwater Illusion

According to Abdul Razak, their group spotted about 100 dolphins within 200m of their boat

"I believe there were two dolphin species present, as I observed some with pink bellies while others had hump heads," he told New Straits Times.

Abdul Razak, who also goes by the name of Joe Star, has been scuba diving since 2006 and used to work as a divemaster.

"Divers typically look out for these species around Sipadan or Mabul Islands.

"They are usually around, but depending on their mood, they can choose to be friendly or swim away. Witnessing such a large group of 100 dolphins swimming together is definitely not a common occurrence," he added.

Abdul Razak also mentioned that there could be up to three dolphin sightings within a month, on average.

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