[VIDEO] Rare Encounter With Wild Dolphins Caught On Camera In Pulau Tioman

The playful creatures even came up to nudge their fingers!

Cover image via Juara Mutiara Resort/Facebook

Mohd Faisal Safuan Saridan, a 38-year-old from Pulau Tioman, had only seen dolphins three times around the island

But last Wednesday, 22 July, the resort manager was in for an unexpected treat.

Together with his wife and two resort employees, they were lucky to catch sight of a pod of dolphins playing around in crystal clear waters when they travelled from Kampung Tekek to Kampung Juara by boat.

"I spotted what looked like a pod of dolphins from afar and immediately decided to try to approach them, knowing they would most likely swim away," Mohd Faisal said

"I did not expect there were so many of them, around 20," he told Bernama.

He also happily discovered that the pod was undisturbed by their presence and instead continued to swim and play under the boat.

The couple caught the surreal experience on camera and Mohd Faisal added that the seawater was so clear that it resulted in such a good video of the friendly aquatic animals.

The video has been gaining attention since it was uploaded on the resort's Facebook page on the same day.

The Pulau Tioman native said the cute creatures even came up to nudge their fingers as he and his wife, Nurul Huda Sani, reached their hands into the water

The one-minute clip they took shows a large number of dolphins enjoying a swim in the calm waters around the boat as Nurul Huda struggles to contain her excitement.

"I know dolphins are found in the waters of Pulau Tioman, but they are very difficult to catch sight of," said Mohd Faisal, explaining their excitement to Bernama.

"In fact, this is only the fourth time I have had the opportunity to see the mammals, even though I grew up on the island."

"Prior to this, the ones that I spotted while fishing or boating were all from a distance, and they quickly fled when they sensed the presence of a boat."

He said that this was the sweetest and best encounter he has had with the playful creatures because of their friendliness and the size of the pod.

Finally, he said that the dolphins followed the boat for another five minutes before calmly swimming away.

Watch their surreal experience here:

Fishermen around the country often stumble upon equally adorable whale sharks in need of help while out at sea:

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