M'sians Amused After Discovering The Official JKJAV Twitter Account Follows A Cosplayer


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A tweet allegedly catching the official Special Committee on Ensuring Access to COVID-19 Supply (JKJAV) Twitter account following a cosplayer's account on the platform has gone viral

In a tweet posted yesterday, 10 June, a Twitter user asked, "Hi, @JKJAVMY. Why do you follow the cosplayer’s account?" along with hashtags saying "just asking" and "don't arrest me".

The tweet also included screenshots of JKJAV following the cosplayer's account.

Image via Twitter

According to information the cosplayer posted on her social media accounts, she is believed to be based in Canada

Other than having an OnlyFans account that posts "only lewds, never nudes", the content creator is also a Twitch streamer who plays video games and does yoga.

Image via Twitter

At the time of writing, the tweet uncovering JKJAV following the cosplayer has garnered over 2,500 likes and 1,500 retweets

Although JKJAV has unfollowed the cosplayer since the viral tweet, hundreds of netizens flooded the tweet to leave lighthearted remarks on the matter.

"Admin @JKJAVMY is also a human being who has desires. They are not a robot like us, who always can't click through the verification process," read a top reply.

It is believed that the netizen was referring to the incident on 26 May when Malaysians could register themselves for the AstraZeneca opt-in vaccine programme, but were left to face its website's poor user interface and the constant requirement to take the Google reCAPTCHA test.

Image via Twitter

Another netizen quipped that the 'JAV' in JKJAV was meant to refer to something else all along.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, one Twitter user interjected the funny discussion by saying the cosplayer needs COVID-19 vaccination too, to which another netizen agreed.

Image via Twitter

One person said Malaysian Twitter users have "FBI skills" that are on par with Taylor Swift's fans, while another netizen joked that it is natural for JKJAV to have desires despite being given a budget of RM70 million.

Image via Twitter

In January, netizens dug up vulgar tweets from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Twitter account dating back to 2014:

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