Malaysian Physiotherapists Exercise With Patients So They Don't Get Bored In Waiting Rooms

Not bad, IJN.

Cover image via Institut Jantung Negara/Facebook

Waiting for hours to see a doctor at hospitals can be extremely frustrating.

One Malaysian healthcare centre, however, recently came up with a creative way to combat the boredom.

On 18 February, Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) shared Facebook photos of their physiotherapists conducting an impromptu exercise session with patients in their waiting room.

IJN explained that the institute can receive as many as 750 outpatients on busier days

"Luckily our team of physiotherapists stepped in to lead an exercise session with our waiting patients," the centre wrote in the caption.

"What a wonderful way to pass the time and get the blood flowing! Thank you to everyone who participated, and especially to our physiotherapy team for going above and beyond the call of duty!"

Well done, IJN! Now shall we do yoga sessions too? :D

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A video of a patient allegedly barging into a doctor's room and demanding immediate service went viral recently: