M'sian Goes Viral For Drawing A Penang KTM Station With Microsoft Excel

Safarina does not need to lie about her Microsoft Excel skills on her resume.

Cover image via @sfrnfzl (Instagram) & @sfrnfzl_ (Twitter)

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While you and I are drawing charts with data on Microsoft Excel, self-taught artist Safarina is drawing the world in the spreadsheet software

With no need for 'VLOOKUP' or 'INDEX' functions, Safarina instead utilises 'shape' and 'colour' tools to create her pieces

Recently, one of her works showing the Tasek Gelugor KTM station went viral on Twitter.

Thousands of netizens were amazed that her illustration with the data-sorting software looks very close to the photo reference she posted in the Twitter thread.

She even managed to create the texture of the worn-out wall at the Penang KTM station.

The comparison between Safarina's Microsoft Excel artwork (top) and the real-life photo of the Tasek Gelugor KTM station.

Image via @sfrnfzl_ (Twitter)

At the time of writing, her tweet has gone viral with over 10,000 likes and 4,500 retweets

Even Microsoft Store responded to her tweet, saying "This is amazing!", accompanied with a mind-blown emoji.

Thousands of netizens praised her amazing skills. One even joked that Safarina has a five-star expertise level on Microsoft Office, while her Microsoft Excel expertise level surpasses 90.

Speaking to SAYS, Safarina said that she mostly takes three days to complete an artwork

The 26-year-old clerk told this SAYS writer that she started drawing on Microsoft Excel after she stumbled upon this 'uncle' from Japan named Tatsuo Horiuchi, who went viral for using the spreadsheet software to make art.

Horiuchi became Safarina's inspiration right away. In 2016, she drew her first piece, featuring a cherry blossom branch with a swing attached to it.

She explained that the process of drawing revolves mostly around using 'shape', 'curve', and 'shape fill' tools, among others.

When asked why she draws celebrities on the software, she said, "First, just for fun, and second, because I adore them. Mostly, I draw BTS and [Thai] actors."

Check out more of Safarina's artworks in the Twitter thread below:

She also has an Instagram account where she posts low poly and Microsoft Excel art pieces.

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