This 9-Year-Old's Drawing Of P. Ramlee's Iconic Movies Went Viral And We Love It

A testimony to P. Ramlee's legacy and evergreen humour!

Cover image via @nsarahr90 (Twitter)

Meet Rayyan Irfan Chai.

A talented nine-year-old from Kuala Lumpur and P. Ramlee's youngest fan.

His mum, Noor Sarah Reza, shared his P. Ramlee movie compilation masterpiece on Twitter a few days ago and the artwork has received tremendous praise from netizens.

Speaking to SAYS, Sarah said that her son became a big fan after stumbling upon Ahmad Albab during Ramadan last year

"It was Rayyan's first P. Ramlee movie. He came across it by chance, thinking it was an ad because it was in black and white. He then realised that it was a movie and stayed on to watch," she told SAYS.

And true to P. Ramlee's legacy and evergreen humour, Rayyan loved it.

The primary school student has since watched many more of the late Malaysian icon's movies, and Rayyan's favourite so far is Tiga Abdul.

Sarah, a full-time artist herself, said Rayyan had initially felt like creating a painting about historical events in Malaysia this week

"But the first thing he drew was a scene from P. Ramlee's movie Ahmad Albab! That's how the whole artwork came about," the mum said.

"He loved the movie because he finds P. Ramlee very funny, so some scenes must have lingered on in his mind."

Rayyan then completed the rest of his illustration with scenes from other iconic P. Ramlee movies with just a black marker on an A3 piece of paper.

Sarah further revealed that Rayyan has been drawing since he was only four years old

It has continued to be the primary school student's favourite pastime until now.

"He draws anything that he is currently interested in. Be it LEGOs, space, or history. Most of the time he draws from his imagination and he draws them in his own style," she said.

In fact, following in his mother's footsteps and talent, Rayyan is an artist on his own right and also shares a booth with her at the Artists' Corner in Amcorp Mall on the weekends.

"We turn our artwork into various merchandise like art cards (reprints of the original works), magnets, tote bags, notebooks, and more."

However, they have to close the art booth for now due to the Movement Control Order (MCO).

If you would like to check out more of Rayyan's art, check out his Instagram here.

You can also check out Sarah's Instagram account here.

Google gave a nod to P. Ramlee too on his 88th birthday:

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