"Ni Produk Paling Pelik" - Shopee Seller Goes Viral For Ugly Personalised Portraits

"I feel grateful that I can comfort them — those who are depressed because of this Movement Control Order (MCO)," he said.

Cover image via @afdzal_adib (Twitter)

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Earlier this month, a man went viral on social media for selling words of encouragement for RM0.20 on Shopee

The latest seller to jump on this bandwagon is Adib Afdzal Studio, who recently went viral for his unique portrait commissions on Shopee.

Priced at RM0.50 to RM0.80, the black and white portraits are intentionally made to look unattractive for satirical reasons.

Adib left a disclaimer in the description saying that he is not good at drawing, but he is trying. He also added that he draws using a mouse.

The 25-year-old marketing admin told SAYS that he was inspired by the viral Shopee seller who sold words of encouragement on the platform

Adib said he usually edits posters for his company using Photoshop so he thought he could use that skill to try and sell his drawings on Shopee.

He told SAYS that he did not receive any response when he initially put up his artwork but the next day they miraculously caught the attention of a famous TikTok user and the rest was history.

"[I was] surprised at first and then I felt touched because there were those who praised my drawings as beautiful," Adib told SAYS. 

"I feel grateful that I can comfort them — those who are depressed because of this Movement Control Order (MCO)."

Even though he has only been in business for six days, Adib has sold almost 300 portraits and has made a profit of more than RM100 just from his RM0.50 commissions alone.

Netizens enjoyed Adib's portraits so much that they gave him five-star ratings and left sweet reviews

"Hahahaha this is the weirdest product but the best work on Shopee haha good luck boss. Thank you very much!" a buyer reviewed.

Another buyer said, "Thank you illustrator... Relaxing painting.. Enough to make you smile every time. Whatever it is, it's the best... Selamat Hari Raya..."

"HAHAHAHHAHAHA. I am amused, guys. He drew even during Hari Raya. I'm so sad I can't balik kampung. I bought this because it went viral on Facebook. Thank you seller. Quick to respond. Hopefully (seller) will be blessed with sustenance," one netizen wrote.

To help beat the pandemic blues, this Shopee seller sold words of encouragement for only RM0.20:

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