Young Malaysians Tell Us What Scares Them The Most About Adulting

From getting married to income tax.

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Adulting can be a scary prospect, especially when you're young and just starting to step into the real world

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From suddenly having a lot more expenses, to all of the added responsibilities, learning how to navigate adult life can be tricky and understandably scary. Which is why a lot of us tend to freak out at the mere thought of having to deal with it all.

We asked young Malaysians to share what scares them the most about adulting. Here's what they had to say:

Note: These answers were submitted to us. We wrote out and photographed them on their behalf. Names have been changed for privacy.

1. "Income tax. I legit panic just thinking about it."

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- Sarah, 22

2. "Any kind of loan absolutely terrifies me!"

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"There's just so many things to consider and I don't even know where to start."

- Amy, 24

3. "That I'll need to do everything allll byyyy myselfffff"

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"Why can't there be like an official How To Adult manual or something that teaches us everything we need to know?"

- Tim, 19

4. "I'm scared that I won't be able to find a job"

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" I don't think I'm very picky but I'm scared that I'll start being picky once I'm actually job hunting. Or worse than that, I'm scared that people won't see any potential in me."

- Sonia, 20

5. "Nothing! I can't wait to be an adult!"

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"Or so I thought. But now I regret everything lol. Please, please, please take me back to when I had no responsibilities to worry about!"

- Amir, 24

6. "Having to spend all my money on paying bills"

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"I see how my parents end up paying so much on all the monthly bills, idk how I'm ever going to be able to do that and still be able to save up."

- Kat, 18

7. "Sounds a bit overdramatic but I'm scared that I'll starve to death"

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"I really don't know how to cook okay! What's going to happen once I move out and have to fend for myself?!"

- Lucas, 17

8. "Having to get married ugh."

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"And I'm extra worried about people pressuring me to get married once I reach a certain age even though I'm completely not ready for marriage yet."

- Aishah, 21

9. "Being broke 'cause I have to pay for everything myself"

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"Food, rent, bills, am I supposed to pay for everything? Especially if I have a job that doesn't pay enough."

- Tania, 23

10. "Failing and not having anything else to fall back on"

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'Cause it's real life you know? If you fail while you're studying, there's still ways to turn things around, but there's no going back from failing at life."

- Chris, 22

Do you agree with most of the above? Adulthood doesn't have to be so scary guys!

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Can you relate to these adulting struggles too?