'Plash Speed': Man Hires Fake WiFi Router Serviceman To Sneak In PS5 Into Home

Let's just hope that his neighbour's kids will not foil the plan by saying out loud that the device is actually PlayStation 5.

Cover image via Lê Gia Hưng (Facebook) & 장삐쭈 (YouTube)

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If you are a gamer, chances are you have seen the hilarious 'Plash Speed' video by Jangbbijju

The two-minute animated short tells the story of a husband hiring a serviceman to install a new PlayStation 4 Pro on the pretext that the bulky device is a WiFi router called 'Plash Speed'. The husband does that in order to deceive his wife while sneaking in a game console into the house.

The 2019 video went on to garner 10 million views on YouTube, spawning countless memes online.

Fast forward two years later, a man in Vietnam decided to pull the same trick to bring a brand new PlayStation 5 into his home

Using the same modus operandi as demonstrated in Jangbbijju's video, the man — named Lê Gia Hưng on Facebook — hired a WiFi router serviceman under the false pretence to fix his Internet connection problem.

In the caption of the post, Lê cheekily concocted how the situation began.

"The first story of the year about the service provider. At the beginning of the year, my family found that the Internet was a bit fluttering, I called the operator to take care of it," Lê wrote, as translated by UNILAD.

"(As a) Viettel's customer, I was totally surprised [by] Viettel's other way of taking care of Viettel's goods. Around one hour after the call, Viettel's party confirmed the problem was in the device's place, so the staff gave the latest generation WiFi upgrading equipment."

For context, Viettel is the largest telecommunications service provider in Vietnam.

Based on the photos, Lê's plan is practically flawless. The serviceman was wearing a uniform belonging to Viettel.

The serviceman's solemn expression shows that he was focused on the job. He was merely trying to get the mundane, no-nonsense task over with.

To avoid his grand plan from being exposed, Lê even had a Viettel's customer service sticker pasted on the PlayStation 5. Genius!

At the time of writing, the post has gone viral all over Facebook

Gamer Secret, a Malaysian video game media company, re-uploaded the post and it has garnered over 7,900 shares since.

"Real-life 'Plash Speed'," a netizen remarked while laughing, while another asked, "Did he learn from the South Korean guy who bought PS4?"

Image via Facebook

"Modern world problem requires a modern solution," said a person, and this Facebook user added, "All hail the brother who staged this and survived!"

Image via Facebook

If you have never watched the 'Plash Speed' video, check it out below:

In December last year, Jangbbijju released a sequel to the short here.

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