Man Screams At Haidilao Staff For Singing 'Happy Birthday' To Him While Dining With GF

The girlfriend broke down in tears after her boyfriend's outburst caught the attention of other diners at the hot pot restaurant.

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A man was said to have screamed at Haidilao staff when they were singing 'Happy Birthday' to him while he was dining with his girlfriend

The incident was shared by his girlfriend on the Taiwanese social networking platform Dcard on 27 September.

In the post with over 2,000 likes, the girlfriend revealed that she has been dating her boyfriend for four years.

In the past three birthday celebrations, the girlfriend had only brought him to restaurants and had never bought him a cake.

Wanting to make it special for him this year, she ordered a cake and went to pick it up with her boyfriend.

They then went to Haidilao together with the cake in their hands.

"The restaurant was attentive and told us that they would help us keep the cake in the refrigerator (before serving it at the end of our meal)," she said.

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After the meal, the girlfriend said the waiters brought the cake, a plate of fruit, and a glowing birthday signboard to their table

"While I was still fascinated by the glowing signboard, the incident happened," she lamented.

"He immediately told the staff to stop singing. And he said it very loudly and repeated it twice."

"The waiters were embarrassed, hence they put the cake on the table (and left)."

"The outburst shook me."

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Upset by the racket, which caused some heads to turn, the girlfriend broke down and cried

"I did not know why, but I started crying. I felt ashamed and sad," she recounted.

"How could a birthday celebration end up like this? Dining is supposed to be a delightful experience, but it ended up this way."

The girlfriend added that she had never seen her boyfriend react in such a manner, saying that she was frightened by his sudden outburst.

The post has since garnered over 1,900 comments, with many netizens sharing different thoughts on the celebration that went wrong

"Although the way your boyfriend reacted was not good, have you asked him if he likes this kind of public birthday celebration? Some people hate it," read a top comment with over 10,000 upvotes.

"I think no matter how much one dislikes it, it's better if they consider the situation and the other party's feelings. I would endure the embarrassment and wait until the song was over before privately telling my partner that I didn't like it," one added, saying that the outburst would make them feel ashamed as well.

A user chimed in and said, "I think he could even treat strangers this way... Regardless of what kind of person he is, his anger management is really not okay."

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