Mother Applies For Job On Behalf Of Her Child & Asks For Interview To Be At Her House

"I thought she was finding a job for herself. It turned out she was trying to help her child find a job."

Cover image via Jobs & Skills WA & Ketut Subiyantut/Pexels

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Every parent will cheer their children on for continuous success, but when does one's effort and encouragement for their child go too far?

A recent publication by Chinese media outlet Shin Min Daily News, shared a story that was submitted to them by an anonymous employer, who sought to keep her identity a mystery from an embarrassing ordeal.

Detailing a specific occurrence every step of the way, she divulged how one job applicant's mother contacted her and arranged an intended job interview for her child, all by herself.

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Image via Jobs & Skills WA

After applying for the job on behalf of her child, the mother proceeded to bombard the employer with a plethora of questions

The anonymous confessor, who works as a restaurant owner, was initially puzzled by the influx of questions, that weren't really tied to the job itself.

From not understanding the nature of the job, to repetitively asking about the intended salary and benefits, things came to a blow when they started discussing ways to interview the candidate in question.

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Image via Ketut Subiyantut/Pexels

In a remarkable twist of events, the mother asked the owner to come to her home to interview her child for the job. She then proceeded to send the employer her house address. 

Shocked and confused, the anonymous confessor thought she was being duped at first, "I thought she was going to find a job for herself, but it turned out she was applying on behalf of her child, and had the audacity to ask me to come to their house to conduct the interview."

Expressing her frustrations, the anonymous confessor told Shin Min Daily News, "I was patient when she was asking me about the benefits and salary for the job, but I was genuinely shocked when she sent me her house address and told me to come over for the interview."

The WhatsApp chat submitted by the anonymous employer to Shin Min Daily News.

Image via Shin Min Daily News

"This isn't a university course where parents should understand what their child is studying. This is job hunting!"

Continuing on, the anonymous employer noted that job applicants should be asking about the responsibility of the role they're applying for before asking about the salary and benefits that come along with it.

An eye-opening experience, the employer revealed that while she has come across many quirky characters while working in the food and beverage industry, this quickly rose to become an incomparable instance.

"In this industry, you're bound to come into contact with all kinds of characters. Most of them never faze me, but this was truly eye opening."

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Image via British School of Etiquette India

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