"You're So Cheap" — Father Slammed For Not Spending Enough On His Son's Birthday

"If it is so difficult, you shouldn't have had him."

Cover image via Emil Kalibradov/Unsplash & 經典語錄 (Facebook)

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As children, we're often told that money isn't everything.

However, are there some instances where money really does matter?

Juggling one's finances can be a strenuous situation. On one end, working your way up the corporate ladder can be fulfilling, and bring you everything you've ever dreamed of. But on the other end, what are you willing to give up in your personal life so you don't have to struggle with paying the bills?

On 21 August, an anonymous Facebook user shared a post on a Chinese page called 經典語錄. The post consists of an image of a (seemingly) father and son sitting at a fast food eatery to celebrate the child's birthday, and a lengthy caption following it.

Providing their in-depth take on an unrevealed situation, the user explains how the father was apparently criticised for not doing enough for his son's birthday celebration, even down to the size of the birthday cake.

The image that was posted and referenced by 經典語錄.

Image via 經典語錄 (Facebook)

The caption began on a fairly wholesome note, with the anonymous user describing the scene as depicted in the photo

"Awhile ago, someone noticed a father and son at a fast food restaurant. A small strawberry cake was on the table, and the candles were placed carefully around it. The son put his hands together, closed his eyes, and made a wish with the candles. The father sat across him, taking photos of his son using his phone," began the caption.

Nonetheless, things took a turn for the worst after that illustration.

"It was a touching moment, but some made comments about his efforts, saying that it was too shabby to celebrate the boy's birthday like that, taking him to eat at a fast food eatery on his birthday."

Alluding to some of the comments that were made about the fathers' efforts, one user had apparently stated, "The cake is too small, don't buy it if you can't afford it. What are you thinking, do you want him to live the same life as you?"

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via Emil Kalibradov/Unsplash

"If it is so difficult, you shouldn't have had him to begin with"

Possibly the cruelest comment of the bunch came from a user who suggested that the father should not have had his son if he can't afford to support him.

After that, the anonymous user wrote in defence of the father, and slammed those who criticised him for his efforts, "For those who think it's not enough to take his son to a fast food restaurant, or that it is too shabby to buy a small cake, do you not know that someone may already be doing all they can?"

Going on, the writer stated, "This plainly dressed father is trying his best to give the best he can to his child, why criticise him?"

"We are used to seeing the world from our limited experiences, and making assumptions about the unknown. How many individuals here have, in reality, spent their entire lives battling the most basic kind of survival?" A mic drop, to say the least.

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via Ante Hamersmit/Unsplash

Closing off his thoughts, the anonymous user had a simple message to convey to all their readers.

"To be knowledgeable is not only to see prosperity and the upper class of the world, but also poverty and the bottom of the world, too. If you haven't seen the latter, it is ignorant."

"Before criticising others, understand one thing: some people are just living, they've already tried their best."

The post has since sensationalised all of Facebook, racking up more than 56,000 likes, while being shared more than 6,000 times

All of the comments were outraged by the insensitivities of those who criticised the father. The post was met with an overwhelming amount of positivity and support directed to both father and son.

"What I see in the photo is a father who loves his child. At least the father is willing to work hard for a living, [critics please keep quiet]," stated one commenter. 

Another person chimed in, fully supporting the father's venue of choice, "It's not shabby at all! It is definitely the kid's favourite spot."

One user took their comments, opening up a much deeper discussion, "Compared to a rich father who forgets his child's birthday; a father who doesn't even know his child's age; or a father who doesn't even take pictures of his son, I think what he (the dad) did is really heartwarming."

Some users went for a more ferocious response, criticising those who slammed the father, and said that having a mouth is to say good things, not to further bad rhetoric.

A couple comments were even directed towards the son, wishing him a good and prosperous life ahead.

"This is a very touching picture. Happy birthday boy. When you grow up, remember to be filial to your father," wrote one commenter. "It's the happiest when you have the company of your family! Happy birthday boy, may you grow up happy and healthy," noted one more.

All in all, one comment wrote by a user seemed to exemplify all that we know to be true, and what every child can hope for.

"A loving father is the best father."

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