"It's So Little" – Man Who Gives Girlfriend RM2,000 Monthly Allowance Asks If It's Enough

"I earn about RM6,000 a month and would give my partner RM2,000 as her allowance. Is this too little?"

Cover image via CompareHero & Joanna Nix-Walkup/Unsplash

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An anonymous confession page on Facebook, Tantan Confessions Malaysia, recently shared a question posed by an alleged boyfriend

On 4 July, an anonymous poster used the confession page to ask a burning question that would light Facebook on fire in a matter of days.

In translation, he began his question by asking, "How much money do you give your girlfriend a month to be considered a good and quality boyfriend?"

Providing an in-depth perspective, he went on to say, "I earn [RM6,000] a month and I give her [RM2,000] every month, is that too little? I can still afford to go out on date nights, drink bubble tea, go on vacations, and buy her gifts."

Posing his final question, the man asked, "How much money do you guys give your girlfriends? My girlfriend works as a regular admin and doesn't make much money, so I give her [RM2,000] to aid her troubles."

Upon posting his query, many Facebook users blasted the comments section with questions, statements, and even proposals

A few of the cheeky comments poked fun at the alleged boyfriend.

One commentator said, "Leave your girlfriend and get with me! I guess she has a very good boyfriend. Why can't I meet a guy like that?"

Another person asked if the boyfriend still needed a girlfriend, while a third individual asked him to privately message them.

An additional user joked around, further commenting, "So now being a girlfriend can be a profession, with a monthly salary of RM2,000."

One more user took a jab at the anonymous confessor, saying that he seems more like an ATM machine as opposed to a boyfriend.

A further hilarious comment came from a user who drew comparison between the anonymous confessor and her old beau, stating, "I need a boyfriend like that — my ex-boyfriend was so stingy, he'd ask me back for the RM8 I used from him."

Somewhat adding to the humour, another person asked if this kind of 'boyfriend' still exists, expressing her desire to have one too.

Nonetheless, the crème de la crème of all the responses had to go to a user who strikingly asked, "Do you even give your parents [RM2,000] as allowance???"

Click here to read the full Facebook post on Tantan Confessions Malaysia.

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