"They Have All Left Me" — Man Loses Friends & Girlfriend Because He Isn't Rich Anymore

"The world is very real, whether you're a man or a woman, whether the relationship is with your friends or your girlfriend."

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While the saying goes that it doesn't matter what others think of you, one can't help but care about what the people closest to you actually think

What is the true quality of a loyal friend? While most would say it is someone who does not question your choices no matter what, others would opt that loyal friends are those who weather through storms with you. Nonetheless, it seems as though one man learned the hard way about the true quality of people around him.

A recent confession posted to the popular Malaysian Facebook page, Tantan Confessions Malaysia, on 13 September, is claimed to be by a man who has lost all his friends and girlfriend, after losing his money due to the economic effects of COVID-19.

Detailing his entire situation in a lengthy caption, the confessor came to find out how most of the people around him were only his friends because of his wealth. "The world is real, whether you are a man or a woman, whether the relationship is with your friends or a partner," he began.

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Prior to the effects of COVID-19, the confessor stated that his family was wealthy, with his dad owning three factories

However, after the institution of the Movement Control Order (MCO), the production capacity of his dad's company plummeted, forcing him to close down two of the factories. "Now that there is only one factory left, I have shifted from a rich second generation to a poor second generation."

Explaining his lifestyle before present day circumstances, the man was candid about his lavish living. "My first car was a BMW 325i, I used to carry around RM1,000 allowance per week, with RM200,000 standby in my bank account, and a credit card with an RM100,000 limit. My dad also bought me an apartment in Sunway so I could commute easily."

Nonetheless, the confessor stated that he did not mind paying for a lot of things when it came to his friends and girlfriend, though he wasn't a fool. "I had a friend who stuck with me just to socialise and have a free meal. But I knew what his purpose was from day one. Just because I was rich, didn't mean I was stupid."

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"After my dad's business started to suffer, I gave up my condo and car to help him. It lasted for two years, but the company's name has been damaged."

After making sacrifices to keep his family afloat, the downgrade in lifestyle started to show the confessor who was a real friend through the struggles.

"I bought a second hand [Perodua] Myvi for my use and moved into a shared living space with a roommate. My expenses dwindled and I lived a very frugal life," he explained.

Around this time, the anonymous user stated that his girlfriend decided to split from him due to 'not being suitable' for one another. He recalls how coincidental it was that only during this period did his circle suddenly reduce in size.

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A big punch in the gut, however, came from a couple of his friends that turned on him once his generosity dried up. "I had a few friends living with me at my apartment. When I asked them to move out, he and his girlfriend complained a lot. Not only did they not pay rent, but I also had three paid parking spots, for which two were occupied by them."

The girlfriend of his friend had also borrowed a large sum of money from the confessor through his now ex-girlfriend. "She borrowed RM5,000 from me through my ex so she could get a double eyelid surgery done. She's never paid me back. Others have borrowed money from me too, but have since blocked me out of their life."

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Despite learning the harsh truths of reality, the man explains how these past few years made him realise who his true friends really are

"I now have people who are willing to share a room with me, willing to go to the mamak and eat mixed rice with me, sharing cup noodles together, and have even tried to help me get part-time jobs to sustain myself," he described. 

Closing out his caption, the confessor pondered over the past two years of events. "I feel like it was a good thing that my father's business suffered. At least it allowed me to finally see the world before I head out and find out for myself."

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Since the post was published, hundreds of people have poured into the comments section to uplift and praise the man for his courageous confession

A number of comments praised the boy for offering help to his father when he needed it. "I'm very moved by your gesture to have sold your car to help your family. Keep your chin up, and your family will rise once again in time," encouraged one user.

Another stated, "At least you helped your dad through his hardships, you are a good son. As for those you once called 'friends', I'd suggest you forget about them. As long as you protect yourself, the money your family lost will return again."

Offering some advice, one commenter told the confessor to never equate love with money in the future. "Reality is so cruel. With love, whether times are good or bad, it will be shared. But if you require money to be loved, that love is as fragile as glass, which can be broken and cause a mess."

Another offered some counsel in a different manner. "Relying on yourself is always the best. Those who have been kind to you are practically a gift from God."

Yet, one of the most valuable comments came from a user who told the confessor that true friends only come in a few, and to keep up the good work. "Remember, people may not be nice to you just because you're nice to them."

Do you think the value of money should determine one's friendship or relationship?

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