"It Won't Impress Them" — Man Urges Other Men Not To Buy Local Cars As Women Don't Like It

"The first thing they look at is what kind of car you drive."

Cover image via Why Kei/Unsplash & PerformanceEon9

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What do you think woos a girl? Is it the clothes you wear, or your personality?

According to one man, the car you drive has a huge impact on the potential one has to land a girlfriend.

A recent confession made to the popular Malaysian Facebook confessions page, Tantan Confessions Malaysia, has raised some eyebrows for reasons you wouldn't expect.

On 1 October, an apparent man took to the page to express his opinions in the form of a public service announcement (PSA) for other young men who are starting out with relationships.

Rooting his epiphany in 'reality', the man simply asserts that the car you drive matters when it comes to finding a girlfriend, as girls will not go out with a guy who drives just any car.

The confession posted to Tantan Confessions Malaysia's Facebook page.

Image via Tantan Confessions Malaysia (Facebook)

"Discovering a new reality, when a girl and guy meet up, the first thing a girl will look at is the car you drive"

Painting his picture with a rather broad brush, the man begins by saying that all girls will look at a man's car if they decide to go out with him. He then relates this point to an incident tied to him.

"I drive a Perodua Bezza and noticed that girls I've met up with completely lose interest in me once they see what car I'm driving."

Continuing on, the man explains his financial background to readers. "I have an average income of about RM6,000 per month, but I work in a line that has commission too, so sometimes I earn more than RM10,000."

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Why Kei/Unsplash

After elaborating on his personal circumstance, the anonymous confessor was forthright in explaining why he got a Perodua Bezza instead of another car.

"It was my fault, I was too anxious when purchasing a car in the beginning, so I made the decision to buy a [Perodua] Bezza directly."

Adding a word of advice to young men, the user encouraged others to learn from his 'mistake'. "If you don't want to be lonely, remember to buy a better car. You don't need to drive a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Honda, or Toyota, but even a Proton [car] is better than Perodua."

Nonetheless, the man ends his confession by saying that women are not materialistic, though it is the first impression he gets when they see him driving a Bezza. "They may think if you drive a local car, that you're just a regular guy."

The 2020 model of the Perodua Bezza.

Image via Perodua

Since publishing the post, a slew of others flooded the comments section with their take on his views

A couple of people took a crack at his opinion, submitting their jokes for the amusement of others.

"Excuse me, I'm going to work in a few minutes by the MRT," said one, while another stipulated her personal take when looking at a man's car, "I look at the cleanliness of the vehicle, not the car itself."

Opting for the brasher route, one girl decided to lay it on thick for the confessor. "Dude, girls actually look at the face first, not the car. Don't misunderstand girls, the face is really important. If he's not handsome, then it does depend on the money and his charm. If he's got no money, his appearance matters in that case."

Somewhat adding to this, another person wrote, "I never look at the car before looking at the face."

Nonetheless, some people did come forward to offer some kind perspectives for the anonymous user. One woman wrote, "So am I not a girl? I really don't care about the type of car you drive."

Taking a dig at a car under the Proton family, another person chose to make the man feel better in a peculiar way. "Driving a Bezza is not bad, I only know about driving a [Proton] Wira. It's okay, work hard and in the future you can get another car," they wrote.

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