McDonald's Japan Accidentally Creates Inappropriate Cups In New Summer Release

Are you lovin' it?

Cover image via @mao_kila/Twitter

McDonald's Japan has just launched a new line of soft drinks and made some pretty adorable cups to go with it

Image via Mothership

Each cup features a young couple on opposite sides that when viewed from the front come together to show the couple kissing

Image via Mothership

However, by rotating the cups the opposite direction, cheeky netizens have found ways to turn the design into something more um... suggestive

Netizens have also pointed out that the guy's wink only makes the act look worse.

Some have taken the designs a step further by manipulating the angle at which they view the cups

One of the designs show the couple planting kisses on some interesting places when the cups are tilted towards and away from the viewer.

In addition, viewing the cups from slightly below eye level will show one of the characters visibly smaller than the other

McDonald's Japan have yet to remove the controversial cups off of shelves

However, according to Mothership, the cups are quickly becoming a prized collectible.

Life is all about perspectives, am I right? :p

Image via Giphy

Meanwhile, McDonald's Malaysia previously went viral for complying with their customers' crazy requests:

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