Guy In PJ Gives His 'Chou Chou' A Dramatic Makeover By Simply Washing It At The Dobi

"Is the middle of the nose mouldy?"

Cover image via Waiwai Chong/Facebook

Most Malaysians will probably be guilty of never washing their 'bantal busuk' (or 'chou chou'), but one guy in Petaling Jaya has taken that attachment to a whole new level

On 25 July, a Facebook user by the name of 'Waiwai Chong' posted up photos of his 'chou chou' toy - a little pink-coloured piggy.

At least, that's what it used to look like.

In the now-viral post, Chong shared that he never dared wash his "stinky little pig bb" because he was afraid it would fall apart.

The post has over 2,300 shares and 1,600 comments at the time of writing.

However, as clearly seen in the photo, the piggy had reached a point where even its owner was worried that it would start rotting.

So, Chong finally mustered up the courage to bring his 'chou chou' to a dobi and wash it.

So much better. Chong also hashtagged the post to state that he only washed the toy with normal 'Top' detergent and the laundromat's basic detergent.

For comparison, this is what the pink pig looked like when it first went home with Chong:

While the dramatic transformation is something to marvel at, most netizens were caught up in the sorry state of the toy in the first place

"If only Facebook allowed me to react with the vomitting emoji," one netizen commented.

Image via Facebook

Another netizen wondered how Chong was able to bear with the dirty state of the toy.

Image via Facebook

"Is the middle of the nose mouldy?" questioned another person.

Image via Facebook

Read the full post below:

Do you relate to this two-year-old who cried when his mother washed his chou chou?

Meanwhile in Japan, soft toys are cared for in heartwarming ways:

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