Women Would See Men In A Different Light... If They Stopped Doing These 11 Things

We love how you get crafty with the home repairs but...

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1. Sending cryptic texts

"I remember the first time I had travelled without my husband. I was overcome by the beauty of the place and suddenly missed my husband terribly, so I sent him a long SMS thanking him for all the beautiful years together. You know what he replied? 'K'." - Liza, 55, housewife

2. Having an ever-interesting choice of footwear

"I was looking forward to a movie date with this guy from work so there I was, with my new H&M dress and there he was... dressed in shorts and slippers." - Olivia, 24, admin assistant

3. Tuning out conversations

"If you're going to have a conversation with a guy, make sure there are no phone or TV screens close by. Once their eyes are glued to their FB feed or a football match, whatever vital pieces of information you're delivering will only have to be repeated all over again 90 minutes later." - Kristin, 30, copywriter

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4. Putting HGTV to shame

"It's no secret that men like to keep things simple, but I just wish they realised not everything in the house can be fixed with cellophane tape." - Faridah, 34, accounts manager

5. Making bold, brazen choices (that leave us in both awe and fear)

"If I had a penny for all the times I stopped myself from saying "I told you so" to my husband after I had just explained to him why he shouldn't do something, let's just say you would've seen me on Forbes' list of richest people in the world." - Yasmin, 43, housewife

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6. Popping collars (especially when it's already 2016)

"I've been trying to understand this phenomena since 2001 but I'm still failing miserably." - Sabrina, 28, sales executive

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7. Destroying diet plans in just 2 seconds

"About a year into our relationship, I noticed I had put on some weight so I thought it'd be great to hit the gym again and eat clean. I needed an extra shot of fitspiration every time my boyfriend was around though... he was stuffing his face with all my favourite foods the whole time!" - Alison, 27, social media manager

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8. Taking hobbies a little too seriously...

"I love my brother and everything but he is OBSESSED over artisanal coffee! I've had to brace through too many impromptu debates between him and unassuming baristas over what is, at the end of the day, just a cup of beans steeped in hot water (don't tell him I said that!)." - Jen, 19, student

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9. Hating to read =(

"I mean, I know there ARE men out there who actually enjoy reading but they're so hard to find! I once saw a guy at the mamak read a Neil Gaiman book and I'm still convinced he was my soul mate who got away..." - Aarti, 37, buyer

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10. Having TOO MUCH HAIR

"I had an ex who was very blessed in the body hair department. Everytime he got a little liberal with the top buttons of his shirt, I died a little inside." - Sarah, 28, graphic artist

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11. Also, having NOT ENOUGH HAIR

"My boyfriend really wants in on the whole beard trend, but i guess his DNA has other plans: he can't grow facial hair to save his life. There are these random sprigs of uneven hair on his face and the OCD in me is fantasising about just shaving them all off." - Sue, 26, programmer

News flash, men: a dapper, clean-shaven look beats the splotchy beard any day! Sometimes, you're so used to something that you may not realise... the best things are right in front of you the whole time! Don't believe us? See if you're anything like Ernest in this video by JinnyboyTV and Gillette:

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Despite the annoyances, at the end of the day these little quirks are what make men...well, men! And they make us love you all the same ;)

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