Mischievous Cat Ends Up 1,100KM Away From Home After He Snuck Into A Parcel

At least curiousity didn't kill him.

Cover image via CTV News

A one-year-old cat named Baloo has been making headlines around the world after he went on an unwanted adventure of a lifetime

According to CTV News, Baloo had accidentally snuck into his owner's parcel of tire rims on 6 December.

Unknowingly, his owner then sealed the package and shipped it off on a 17-hour trip to Montreal, Canada.

Image via CTV News

During the trip, one of the deliverymen felt something amiss when he found urine leaking out of a box

By then, Baloo was already 1,100km away from home.

"He got under, so he wasn't on top. He had gotten in through the little hole of the rim down into the bottom of the box," said Baloo's owner Jacqueline Lake, who was frantically searching for her cat.

"The cat never made a sound. I'm telling you, he was in stealth mode," Lake said in an interview, reported by Global News.

The driver immediately contacted SPCA, which got in touch with Lake to let her know that her fleeing feline friend was found

Luckily, Baloo was found healthy. He was just a little far away.

"To actually have him be okay and coming back to me, I'm so thankful, I'm so thankful," said Lake.

Baloo nuzzles with a vet technician in a photo by Montreal SPCA.

Image via Global News

Sneaky Baloo seems to have a thing in common with these two cats in Japan:

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