This Herd Has Been Nicknamed "Yakuza Deer" For Harassing A Restaurant Owner In Japan

The owner has been fawning over the herd for at least six years.

Cover image via Twitter @nahairo/Twitter @nonsugarmilktea (Edited by SAYS)

Not only are Japan's free-roaming deer parks a well-known tourist attraction, but the mischief these deer get up to has a reputation of its own!

A Japanese netizen captured this hilarious photo that has since gone viral:

According to SoraNews24, the group of deer were seen having a "stand-off" with the owner of a casual dining restaurant named 'Fukuya'.

Instances of the herd harassing the same restaurant are so well-documented on social media, that they've even been nicknamed "yakuza deer":

Some visitors have evidence of the four-legged "gangsters" trying to enter the restaurant:

"This one looked like it was about to enter!" said one user, as translated by SoraNews24.

Another user said, "I've seen them too. This one made me laugh at how eagerly it was trying to get in."

As it turns out, the owner of Fukuya is actually quite fawn of them

He's been spotted patting and feeding the herd on various occasions.

One user cheekily pointed out that the herd has caused the owner's hair to turn grey and attached a photo taken five years ago.

How en-deer-ing!

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