Mydin Social Media Intern Secures Permanent Job By Tweeting The CEO

Can't top that!

Cover image via The Vocket & @MydinMalaysia (Twitter)

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A social media intern won the Internet this week by getting offered a full time job after Tweeting the company's director

The unnamed intern who runs hypermarket chain Mydin's Twitter account first caught the attention of netizens after he revealed that he will be leaving the position by the end of December.

"Sorry we can't continue because this intern is finishing this month," said a tweet on 23 December when a netizen thanked him for the continous entertainment on the page.

After many others expressed sadness and jokingly threatened to unfollow, the intern decided to make a last ditch effort

Tagging Mydin's managing director Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin himself, he wrote, "Okay, stop threatening. Salam datuk @ameermydin, can you make me permanent?" and added a pleading face emoji.

In an unexpected twist of fate, Ameer replied, "Ok"

The reply came on 1 January, a day after the intern was supposed to leave.

Fortunately, as of writing, it seems the same person is staying on to run Mydin's Twitter page

Impressed, netizens poured in to praise and congratulate the intern for scoring a job.

The new social media manager has also been celebrating by releasing a bunch of hilarious memes that his fans have come to know him for

In fact, after the whole incident, Mydin's Twitter account has also skyrocketed from 6,000 to 25,000 followers in less than a week

And the admin is not going to let people forget that soon with this meme:

Keep up the good job, Mydin Twitter admin!

Mydin won social media hearts after Datuk Ameer Ali forgave people who stole from an outlet during the floods in Selangor:

You can always trust Malaysia's meme game for some entertainment:

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