"Don't Go To Weddings If You Can't Pack A RM300 Ang Pow" – Netizen's PSA Backfires

He lamented that many guests only packed RM150 and RM180 ang pows.

Cover image via Pixabay & ExpatGo

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A netizen was slammed after suggesting that wedding guests should give at least RM300 in their ang pows or not go to weddings at all

In a post on community Facebook group 'KL娱乐站 (KL Entertainment Station)', a netizen expressed his dissatisfaction after going through ang pows he received on behalf of his cousin for his wedding.

"My cousin spent about RM2,200 for each banquet table, and that does not include the alcohol. [But] many of the guests who came only packed RM150 or RM180," he lamented.

"Everything is expensive now," he said.

"If you do not have the ability to pack more than RM300, don't accept people's (wedding) invitations. Don't cause them to lose money."

The man's controversial suggestion garnered over 2,000 comments on Facebook, with many netizens voicing their disagreement

"Then why did you ask your cousin who couldn't afford it to open bottles of alcohol for the wedding?" argued a Facebook user.

"The ones who come are guests, how much ang pow money they pack is their personal choice. Hello, please use your brain before you talk."

Another commented, "If you can't afford it, then you shouldn't have served wedding alcohol, people who can afford it wouldn't depend on ang pows."

This netizen also laughed and said, "What the hell is this? You invite people and the guests have to pay for you to make a profit?"

Many others advised the poster to reconsider his mindset and not treat weddings as business deals.

"Don't treat weddings as business transactions, that will only make a lot of people look down on you," a user commented.

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