Netizens Stunned By Mak Cik Who Tried To Shoplift 6 Bottles Of Body Wash Under Her Shirt

She also hid several cans of sardine in her pants.

Cover image via Twitter @dylawok

A woman has recently gone viral after she was allegedly caught shoplifting

On Monday, 17 February, Twitter user @dylawok shared two videos of a woman being scolded for stealing items at a supermarket.

She wrote, "Now, I just want to ask, how could you be willing to put cans of sardine down your pants like this?"

The video has since garnered over 386,000 views and 5,700 likes.

In the video, the woman can be seen taking out six bottles of body wash from under her shirt and putting them into a shopping cart

A man behind the camera can be heard sternly saying, "Take it out. Take it all out!"

The mak cik is visibly upset and she promises to never do it again.

She then proceeds to pour out a bunch of deodorant bottles from her handbag and take several cans of sardines and boxes of toothpaste out of her pants.

One person came forward and said that they knew the mak cik.

They also claimed that she resells the stolen items to other people at a very cheap price.

They wrote, "Gosh, my family used to buy items from her and yes, all of the things she sold were super cheap. I was so curious at first but she said that she owns a store and all. Oh god."

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, other netizens were impressed by the amount of items she was able to hide under her clothes

One user said, "It's like this mak cik sewed in Doraemon pockets in her underwear."

Image via Twitter

Another netizen wrote, "The Lifebuoy bottles are really big! How did she fit three to four bottles in her pants?"

Image via Twitter

"Now I want to know, where did the mak cik buy her pants from?" joked another netizen.

Image via Twitter

Watch the videos here:

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