[VIDEO] Japanese YouTuber Shows Us How To Cosplay As A 'Malaysian Girl At Tesco'

It's always the T-shirt, shorts, and slippers.

Cover image via iChang Hong Kong/YouTube

A Japanese YouTuber known as iChang has been making Malaysian netizens laugh for her simple yet precise cosplay of a "local Malaysian girl" going grocery shopping

In a video posted on her channel yesterday, 28 January, iChang and her husband went "costume" shopping at a Tesco in Penang in an attempt to achieve the local look.

"I can picture what they wear now, always the flip-flops and the short pants," iChang said to her husband

"Something that they wear at home," she added, as they discussed what garments to buy.

They even found inspiration when they saw a girl dressed in the exact getup they were going for as they were browsing through the clothes department.

In the end, they bought her "costume" for RM36.80

iChang changed out of her green dress and shoes and walked out of the changing room in a T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops, looking very much like, well, a typical Malaysian girl in Tesco.

The video then showed her walking through the rest of the mall, easily blending in with the crowd. They were entertained to see several other women wearing similar outfits.

The couple's antics have garnered a lot of laughs from Malaysians, many agreeing that they nailed the look they were going for

"I didn't notice until you pointed it out. I dress like that too!" wrote a YouTube user.

While this netizen exclaimed, "You look like me! Or also, every Malaysian Chinese teenage girl."

"You dress like a Malaysian but you still walk like a Japanese. Slow down a bit," joked another user.

Watch the funny video here:

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