Nostalgic Cheras House With An Old Airplane Goes Viral

We spoke to a Taman Connaught resident to find out the story behind it!

Cover image via GoodyFoodies & Google Maps

A photo of an airplane sitting on top of a bungalow entrance in Taman Connaught, Cheras recently resurfaced on social media

If you live in Cheras or drive past that area often, you might recall slowing down in front of this home just to admire the propellor aircraft in all its glory

Image via GoodyFoodies

GoodyFoodies shared a photo in 2010, which later went viral in a Facebook post in 2013. 

The photo recently resurfaced prompting many to reminisce about the airplane home.

Someone commented, "This is legendary. When I was younger, on my way home, I'd always look at the plane when passing the house. The plane has probably been there for about 30 years."

One resident shared that sometimes you'll even be able to see the airplane decorated with lights during festival periods.

SAYS checked with a resident who lives near the house and he revealed the story behind the airplane home

Mun Hao explained that his mum sometimes met the owner's wife at the market and she shared the story with him.

According to her, the owner had been through a lot of hardships but had always dreamt of owning his own plane. Coincidentally, he was introduced by a friend to an old airfield that was selling this airplane.

"So he decided to buy one and place it in front of his house to celebrate his own success" and it now serves as a reminder for him of all his hard work back then.

Mun Hao confirmed that the same owner and his family still live there today

Based on a quick check on Google Maps, the home looks slightly different in 2019 but the airplane is still very much intact. 

A screenshot of the house on Google Maps in 2019.

Image via Google Maps/SAYS

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