Paper Face Masks Are Now Being Sold For You To Burn For Your Ancestors In The Afterlife

Protect the living. Protect the dead.

Cover image via Chris Goh/Facebook

Hungry Ghost Festival is just around the corner – the time of the year where millions of Chinese people come together to burn paper offerings to their ancestors

Image via Rice Paper Kite

It's a time when ghosts and spirits, including those of deceased ancestors, are allowed to roam the mortal realm.

During this festival, living family members offer prayers and burn paper items for the deceased and other wandering ghosts.

Some of the most common items they burn include money, houses, gold bars, and other offerings made completely out of paper.

With this pandemic still ongoing though, taking safety precautions is important for the living. And apparently, even for the dead.

On 16 August, Chris Goh posted an image on Complaint Singapore's Facebook page of paper face masks being sold at a store.

The caption reads: "Ghost month coming soon, anyone need mask can PM me."

According to Mothership, the face masks were spotted at a store in Hong Kong and the Chinese words on the packaging roughly translates to 'ancestor's masks'. 

Each mask apparently costs SGD10 (RM30).

Naturally, people began responding with witty comments

Image via Facebook

So much for rest in peace.

Face masks are nothing compared to these other paper offerings:

2020 has forced businesses to adapt to the times: