Peacock Leaves Scratches On Car In Singapore After Attacking Its Own Reflection

Whooo is that cock I see staring straight back at me?

Cover image via Motorist Singapore (Facebook)

An angry peacock recently discovered its own worst enemy... a reflection of itself on the shiny surface of a car in Singapore

On 17 October, Motorist Singapore shared a video of the peacock attempting to attack its 'competitor'.

First, it observed its reflection

Then, it proceeded to flap its feathers angrily while leaving scratches on the car with its claws

Here's the aftermath:

According to Mothership, the incident took place at Sentosa.

The caption on the video reads: "Does car insurance cover peacock attacks? Asking for a friend."

You can watch the video below:

Turns out this isn't the first time peacocks have felt threatened by their own reflections on cars

Mothership noted that a peacock had attacked and chased a taxi in Singapore Zoo several years ago.

In 2015, BBC also reported that peacocks had scratched and pecked at the paint on cars at a village in the UK.

A resident explained that the birds scratched her Audi "because it's mating season and they think the reflection is another bird which it's jealous of".

Image via Penny Hill/BBC

The same thing happened in Surrey, England in 2018.

According to CBS News, peacocks had attacked dark-coloured vehicles where they could see their reflection clearly, mistaking themselves for other birds.

They ended up leaving scratches all over residents' vehicles.

Meanwhile, a different type of bird in Singapore has been busy getting fit during this pandemic:

Some animals have been up to strange antics this year:

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