[VIDEO] Cute 7-Year-Old Shows Off Roti Canai Flipping Skills At Her Father's Stall

We've never seen a happier little chef.

Cover image via @ruslinmeli (TikTok)

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A seven-year-old in Perlis recently went viral for her adorable roti canai flipping skills on TikTok

The videos, posted by her father, has received many compliments from netizens, who have been asking the whereabouts of their shop.

In an interview with Kosmo, Yusra Asna Ruslin said she only learnt to make roti canal from her parents, Ruslin Meli and Yuwita Shuib, about three months ago.

The family owns a stall called 'Uwita Enterprise' at Kampung Balai Baru in Kangar.

"I really do like flipping roti canai because I always watch my mum and dad make them at our stall," she told the Malay daily.

Image via Kosmo

Yusra said it was initially difficult to make and flip the roti canai, but after practising it a few times, she got a hang of it

"Then I told my mum and dad that I was good at flipping roti canai and want to help them," said the standard one student, who is always seen smiling in her father's videos.

During the school holidays, Yusra said she helped out at the stall and is able to make between 50 and 60 roti canai a day.

She said she hopes to open a restaurant with her father one day.

Her father, Ruslin, said Yusra really showed an interest in learning how to properly make the dish

"When she first started learning, the dough broke apart a lot, but Yusra never got bored of learning from her mother, who is also good at flipping roti canai," he said.

The youngest of three children is also encouraged by her school teachers who often visit the family's stall.

Ruslin said he also makes his 14-year-old and eight-year-old children help out at the shop so that they do not spend too much time on their phones.

The stall is open from 6am to 11am daily, except on Monday and Tuesday. They sell various other roti, such as roti sanggul, roti teller, roti sardin, as well as murtabak and nasi lemak.

Watch Yusra's roti canai flipping skills here:

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