Malaysians Are Actually Wanting To Try Petron's New 'Recipe' - KitKat Dunked In Maggi

"I can finally understand why Singapore is always on the food map instead of Malaysia now."

Cover image via Twitter @Petron_Malaysia & Petron

Take a seat, ladies and gentlemen. A new food deal is in town and it has been promoted in quite an unconventional way.

Behold, four-finger KitKat and Maggi Hot Cup!

On 8 January, Petron Malaysia tweeted the announcement of two products combined into one - the sweet chocolatey goodness of KitKat dunked into a steamy cup of curry-flavoured Maggi for RM4.30!

Image via Twitter

Although the tweet has since been deleted, the caption read, "Sedap betul makan panas-panas time hujan. Fuhh nikmat betul!" (So delicious to eat hot, especially during the rainy season. How nice!)

The unlikely marriage between the college meal and dessert left several people intrigued

"Wanna try!"

"What is this catastrophic combination. But I still wanna try though."

The original tweet may have been removed, but even Petron seemed mighty proud of the sweet deal.

Although, others had a somewhat different opinion

"Same gang."

If you're all about that 'never try, never know' life, then according to Petron Malaysia, you'll be able to get your hands on this treat until 14 February

Here's one unexpected pair that actually worked – Milo and chicken:

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