[PHOTOS] 29 Crazy Detailed Banana Art That Will Launch The Minions Into A Frenzy

Why are bananas never lonely? Because they hang around in bunches.

Cover image via @isteef/Instagram

A 37 year-old graphic designer, Stephan Brusche likes to draw and carve on bananas, turning the humble fruit into amazing art. So we stalked his Instagram and compiled some of his most incredible banana art.

It doesn’t look like anyone ever told Stephan Brusche not to play with his food, but that’s just fine by us. This imaginative artist, based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, regularly turns bananas into creative and light-hearted works of art.

Brusche is not one to turn away other fruits as well, but he seems to favor the banana.

1. Row, row, row your (banana) boat

2. Nothing can ever come between Homer Simpson's love for donut, even if he turned into a fruit!

3. Only he can make a skull on bananas look this delightful

4. The only kind of fishbones that won't get stuck and hurt your throat

5. Marilyn Monroe has never looked this a-peeling

6. Lana Del Rey? More like Banana Del Rey.

7. We need to start a zoo for these banananimals from Noah's Ark

8. Not forgetting this extremely cute giraffe either

9. And this elephant with a banana tusk that is unreal!

10. Sure, dachshund, you can join in too!

11. If the snake doesn't get to it first...

12. Looks like the tiger has already found himself a nice and cozy home

13. Let's get some banana lovin' up in here

14. We think this banana is in need of a doctor. It doesn't look like it's peeling well.

15. The artist also paid tribute to the Charlie Hebdo victims

16. Bought bananas that are green and can't eat them? Make them into art!

17. This is the best Skrillex fan art we've come across so far!

18. Iconic album cover of The Beatles' Abbey Road gets a fruity twist

19. If only we can preserve this recreation of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss

20. This is why you shouldn't trust the banana spaceship

21. Stephen Brusche blows our mind with this awesome art

22. Don't even get us started on this one

23. The Force is strong with this one

24. Shapeshifter T-1000 from Terminator is back, in a form that we've never seen before...

25. Michelangelo's The Creation Of Adam takes a whole new structure

26. We think the artist liking everything Vikings from this Viking skull...

27. this Viking ship

28. There's also Nick Offerman as a Viking, because why not?

29. Looks like the banana has found himself a fruit friend, in the form of Bert & Ernie

Meanwhile, we attempted our own banana art...

Image via
Image via

Maybe we should make tin foil animal sculptures the new thing:

We've also come across some amazing work from fellow Malaysians:

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