[PHOTOS] Malaysians Flood Twitter With Hilarious Memes Of The Rosmah-Najib Audio Tapes

Can I advise you something? You should share this story.

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Malaysians truly have a unique sense of humour

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We joke about everything from flying cars to flash floods.

After the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) revealed audio tapes involving Najib Razak and his wife, netizens flooded Twitter with hilarious memes

In one of the recordings played at the press conference yesterday, 8 January, Rosmah was allegedly heard asking Najib if she could advise him on something.

She raised her voice and said, "Darling, can I advise you, can I advise you something?"

According to New Straits Times, the whole sentence quickly became number three on Twitter's Kuala Lumpur trending list.

We've compiled the best tweets here for your viewing pleasure:


"Behind every man, there is a woman... screaming, 'Can I advise you something?'"



"Najib and Rosmah's tapped conversation is honestly me and my mom when she's pissed. Najib is me."



"F*ck sia, Najib also got Rosmah calling [him] darling. You got darling or not?"




MACC revealed a total of nine audio tapes between Najib Razak and several other people:

Back in 2012 when Najib was PM, he himself passed amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) that made intercepting and recording private conversations legal: