Please Watch This Video Of A Guy Hilariously Fail At Mocking His Friend

We all have that one friend.

Cover image via Shanghaiist/Facebook

On Saturday, 24 November, a Shanghai-based news website uploaded a video that is sure to make your day so much brighter

Shanghaiist uploaded the video on their Facebook page with the caption, "When your friend is better than you at everything."

A screenshot of the video.

Image via Shanghaiist/Facebook

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 415,000 views, 6,287 shares, and 800 comments.

Judging by the 4,500 reactions to the post as well, many people were thoroughly entertained by the video.

The video appears to be a recording of a CCTV playback and starts off with two friends dashing towards the entrance

Unfortunately, one of them had the direction of the entrance totally wrong

His friend, realising what had happened, got a long, good laugh out of the whole thing

And just like friends are wont to do, he decided to rub salt on the wound by re-enacting the whole sequence for his poor friend on the floor

In a hilariously unfortunate turn of events, this happens instead:

Netizens were, rightfully, entertained by the whole ordeal

"When you don't have a key of dimension gate but your friend do (sic)."

"I wish I could see the reaction of the third person."

"I can hear his laugh through the video."

See the video in all its glory here:

Unfortunately, there's no news on the condition of both the guys, but we sincerely hope they're both okay!

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