These Malaysian-Inspired Names For Pokémon Characters Are Just Too Accurate!

Gotta name 'em all!

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The world just can’t get enough of 'Pokémon GO’. Although it hasn’t been officially released in Malaysia yet, some Malaysians are already well into becoming Pokémon Masters… and giving their Pokémons funky Malaysian-inspired names.

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The game is nothing short of a phenomenon really. It has overtaken Tinder, strangers are becoming friends and the Nintendo stock price is now higher than the KL Tower.

You see, one cool feature about the game is the ability to rename Pokémons. This means Squirtle doesn't have to be called Squirtle, you can call it...

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... or any other names you can think of.

We stumbled upon this Facebook album posted by MGAG and the names are LMFAO worthy, seriously:

Let's start it off with this one!

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That's Snorlex, one of the slowest Pokémons. They're kind and gentle. :)

Ok, this is pretty controversial...

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... but definitely not as controversial as this ONE

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Say hello to the new Cicak-Man!

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But instead of climbing up walls, it spits out fire. Don't mess.

Our resident ostrich Chickaboo gets a taste of Pokémon stardom

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It isn't really too happy about having three heads.

#HatersGonnaHate #TheOnlyEasyDayWasYesterday

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#FitnessEveryday #NoPainNoGain

Yuna, we love you but this is pretty spot on

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'Pi pi pi pi pi!'

Don't be that driver, guys. It's really annoying.

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Honestly, it's pretty hard to drive on our roads because potholes are literally everywhere

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That's a cute little pothole.

Many Pokémons share similarities with Malaysian food, like Bulbasaur a.k.a Nasi Lemak Bungkus...

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... and Maggi Goreng. Gosh, we're getting hungry already!

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Not sure how we feel about blue colour noodles, though. Too much colouring is bad for health.

It should be Pisang Goreng, right?

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Ahem ahem...

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Or Tongkat Ali, if you will. ;)

Food from roadside stalls are great, though :(

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Still can't get enough of hilarious Pokémon names? We've got you covered. Check out some of these names with Cantonese puns:

Cutest cabbage in existence!

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We know you've been wondering - how do you call a 'pervert' in Cantonese? Here you go!

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It's the tongue.

How about a 'caucasian'? Glad you asked...

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'GwaiLo' is loosely translated to 'Ghost Person'. Why? We don't know why.

You know the sounds you make when you fart? Yeah...

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Don't let your BAE find out!

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When you can’t decide whether mamak food makes rats mutate from this...

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... to THIS!

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Well played, everyone! We will NEVER look at Pokémons the same way again.

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For more hilarious Pokémon names, check out MGAG and PokéNYC.

Don't know what's 'Pokémon GO'? There there, don't feel too bad about yourself.

The game is a history in the making!

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